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Membership Mark Ownership

The recognized specialty Academies are the independent organizations that individuals can apply to become a part of. Therefore, ownership of member status belongs with the Academies. The CPVTNS​ has given a percentage of ownership with every current NAVTA recognized Academy and will help defend against those who abuse the membership mark. A percentage of ownership will be given to Academies that may be approved in the future that use the "VTS" or "VNS" mark for members.

For Academies that become unrecognized by NAVTA, their percent of ownership will be revoked.

NAVTA is seeking a different route for identifying approved Academies. Currently, NAVTA is seeking trademark protection for the following logo that only recognized Academies can use. We believe with the CPVTNS' and NAVTA's dual efforts the distinctive membership status will be better maintained.

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