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We are currently updating our list of offenders who are abusing the membership mark. The CPVTNS does however want to point out two organization that are not NAVTA approved academies and should not be confused as organizations that offer Veterinary Technician or Nurse Specialist certification.


The AVTSE had initially applied for NAVTA approval but was denied twice with a final ruling given after an appeals process. The organization fails to represent a recognizable need in the profession since a Masters and Doctorate degree are more appropriate in the education setting. The Academy of Veterinary Educators certification, also not a VTS, also offers a more legitimate path for those interested in educator specific certifications. Despite AVTSE's certification process the group is not a recognized VTS Academy.

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 1.10.54 PM.png

Amy D'Andrea is not a member of the Equine VTS Academy and had her legitimate VTS revoked. She has since trademarked  "VTS-EVN" and "VTS (EVN)" in the sate of CO presumably to confuse unknowing parties. NAVTA was informed about this over 5 years ago and has not taken action. We are actively looking for legal remedies for this apparent and deceptive action from Amy.

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