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From the 2020 CVTS Policy Manual


1. The Advisory Committee to the CVTS has researched the many different ways VTS members designate dual or triple specialties. The consensus recommended by the Advisory Committee and adopted by CVTS are as follows:


First Last CVT, VTS (specialty), (specialty), (specialty) 

  • CVT is utilized for this example but RVT, LVT, LVMT or whichever credential is indicated should be utilized. 

  • If the specialties are from the same Academy then they would be included in the same parenthesis. For example, if dual specialties in small animal internal medicine and oncology (both from AIMVT) then they would be listed in the same parenthesis. VTS (SAIM, Oncology) 

  • Specialties should be listed in order with the first specialty in the first parenthesis 

  • A comma should be used between the parentheses 

  1. The Advisory Committee to CVTS has researched the many different ways Academies designate the different membership categories. The consensus recommended by the Advisory Committee and adopted by CVTS are as follows: 

First Last CVT, VTS (specialty) membership category 

  • VTS (specialty) Emeritus 

  • VTS (specialty) Honorary member 

  • VTS (specialty) Deputy 


  1. Use of VNS instead of VTS is recommended for all foreign members of an Academy when their designated title is Veterinary Nurse. Adoption of the VN title is recommend for the applicable sections of Academies constitution and by-laws where indicated and should be considered for addition to Academy names. 

  2. Use of “VTS candidate” should be discouraged for applicants of any academy. At this time there is no approved language for the applicant with an approved application waiting to sit the examination. This information can be used in context but not as part of their credentialing, as it is not a credential. 

These are recommendations only but please consider adopting this standardized formatting moving forward. Thank you for your consideration. 

The use of “VNS”

The CPVTNS is neutral in regard to the initiatives taking place for legal title change. Until there has been legal adoption at a local or federal level, we will not allow “VNS” to be used for Academy members that are not from places where “Veterinary Nurse” is recognized by oversight boards or regulators.

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